Horie Corporation announces its recently developed technology, which is a combination of Controlled Grain Growth and Anodized Coloring on titanium sheet. The organic shapes and chance orientation of individual gains of titanium captures the look of camouflage hence Horie suitably named its new technology Camouflage Pattern Finish.

Theoretically, Grain Growth itself is easy to achieve when you keep titanium sheet at a higher temperature than its recrystallization temperature. In actual practice rigorous procedures are required to control grain growth and grain size while maintaining sheet flatness. The results of these complex operations produce the most magnificent titanium grain growth titanium sheet available to day.

Horie Corporation extensive research has resulted in technology developed to control both grain growth and sheet flatness that can be applied to many applications such as: Accessories, Household Products, Architectural Materials etc.

New Product Release ITA Conference Schottische Arizona 2005
North American introduction to CPF titanium during the 21st Annual International Titanium Association Conference held in Scottsdale, Arizona 2005.

To celebrate the introduction of CPF technology each booth visitors received a titanium mouse pad to commemorate Horie Corporation’s achievement.
Arrow Head Bolo Tie using Horie's CPF titanium plate.

For details on grain growth, coloring, sheet flatness, or sheet size please contact Horie Corporation of Japan. or

Gift Box design incorporating Horie's CPF titanium sheet.

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